New home setup

Hello everybody,

For my new (smart) home I’m looking to have the following things integrated in Homey:
Sunblinds, lights, doorbell with camera.
We also want to have the ‘old school’ normal wall switches installed for the lightning and sunblinds. So my question is what would be the best and cheapest option for this?

For the lightning i was thinking to have some of the Tradfri dimmable LED bulbs (GU10) and some Led-lamps E27. Would it work to just integrate behind every switch the sonoff mini? Or what’s the best solution here to let it work with Homey app and standard wall integrated switch? Since we will have homey the gataway kit is not needed here I assume?

For sunlights we would integrate the ASUN 650 (click behind the wall switch.

For the doorbell we will take the Google Nest Home, here nothing special is needed i guess.

Thanks in advance for the help!

Hello and welcome, 1 sugestion i have because all your questions are answerd many times…. so try the search option and gives you a lot of answers.

the best is not Always the cheapest :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: and the nest doorbell isnt cheap but for sure the best :rofl: down site ….cant intregrate it with homey at this moment… (why… you find it on the forum)