Smart lightning and wall switches

Currently i have a lot of IKEA tradfri light-bulbs and next year we are going to move to a new home.
I would love to have as much smart lightning as possible.
Some lights can be just on/off switches
Some need to be dim-able
And some even need to be able to change colors.

Another big thing is that currently i’ve taped by switches so nobody excellently turns them off. In a new home i would like to have dedicated switches that work without homey. But that homey knows it status. So when i sell that home (hopefully a long time from now) and i take my homey with me, i don’t need to change all the switches.

So perhaps that i use homey and a dedicated switch to tun on the light, and use IKEA to change colors.
Or perhaps without the IKEA hub?

What is your experience? and do you guys have any suggestions?
Everyhting is welcome!

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