The best switch for lights?

I’m about to design my new house. I’m thinking about Homey (tho I’m in Apple ecosystem) but my main issue is the light switches. Part of my family will not use homekit to turn on and off lights. So I need hard switches that will be compatible and easy to use from both homekit and wall switch at the same time. Ikea Tradfri that I’m using now is not good enough, one someone uses a regular switch, I no longer can use bulb via homekit.

So, which switch would be the best and possibly not a very expensive option that is working with Homey and Homekit?
Thx :slight_smile:

nobody is using wall switches?

I am using sunricher build in dimmer.
These are used behind your existing switches.


  • operate your light with your regular switches, no differents looks
  • you are not dependent of Wifi to control your lights (major plus!).
  • looks the same, since you are using existing switches
  • available in zigbee and zwave, both supported by homey
  • use “cheap” design bulbs (instead of expensive hue bulbs that look like &#&€)
  • even cheaper when you need many (>20) =order them at the sunricher factory.
  • the dimmer controls the bulbs directly but you can also use it to trigger flows


  • they are a bit thick, so measure before you buy (for me I could not make them fit in 2 locations) 40mm depth is not enough…
  • firmware can only be updated if you also have a sunricher bridge (but do you need updates for simple dimmers?)

Available from many supplier sold as their own brand