Best light switches for homey pro

Hey guys,
I do have a horrible setup with different hubs, Apps and stuff to make everthing work with Alexa.
During my research for an all in one solution I found the homey pro and so far it looks good to me for one part of the game. One thing I didn’t figure out because so far I do have normal light switches (combined with Shellys oder Hue lights). So is there any recomendation for a light switch that works good with homey pro to start a routine or a single light? Good would be a solution with single and multi switches that I can be changed with the normal in wall switch.
Thanks for your ideas

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Hey man,
do hou have European switches?
if so i can recommend these
Marmitek Push LO
they dont do anything super special
but you can trigger flows with 1 or 2 clicks or hold down.
they look good and currently sell on amazon for 14,99 euro this is very cheap compared to some of the gira switches out there.

Thanks. Yes - I’m from germany so I use European Switches.
I’ll have a look to the Marmitek Push. The price at least sounds good.

only with battery or?

Yea they do 50.000 clicks before you need to change the battery, atleast that’s advertised dont have them long enough to know

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Hey, do I need the bridge or will Homey Pro work as a bridge for Marmitek Push?