Homey app

Any one using another app as the ‘Homey’ app? And if so, are you using it without the seperate bridge of the specifiec brand. So, solely working with the ‘Homey’ hardware?

Lot (most) of devices you can use with the homey app, and also with the use of their own app.

There are brands where you have to use the specific bridge to get it to work with homey.

But also there are brand, you can use a device with the bridge or directly with homey.

How you mean that? to use Homey you have to use the homey app there are no (yet) other apps that replace the homey app

Its a pity that there is no other app ass the homey app. THe functionality is okay of the device itself with all the protocalls on board. Just not so happy with the app. On a few reviews, the Hue app is working better .

Iam sure some parts could be better be intergrated, other hand iam not using the app a lot. in my opnion home automation, is and the word is already saying it automation, so i dont have to use the app on daily base.

When V2 is coming out a lot will be different in the app, then you also have to make the flows on the app. When its comes…………. dont know but expecting it wouldnt be that long anymore

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Aha, thats good news. I just purchassed the ‘homey’ two days ago. Now I have everything on klikaanklikuit. I was wondering of the all protocall homey was worth it. On the breach of buying the bulbs for the ground floor and garden. So still figuring out the best system. KaKu, Hue, Innr, … etc.

For the lights, iam only can say on my personal preference HUE with the use of the bridge. Sure others have another preference. Hue isnt the Cheapest but its worth it

“A extra note” when you using also a hue motion sensor, you would conect direcly to the homey. Other wise you have to deal with a delay of a view seconds (homey is polling the hue bridge)

I use everything connected to Homey (KaKu, Xiaomi, Hue, Magic Home, etc.) with Apple’s Homekit ands Siri (See Homekit / Homeykit apps).

There are some remotes laying around to control every light so the kids can control the lights and my wife makes use of the Hue app so she can create scenes and such.

If i didn’t have bought Philips Hue before i bought Homey i probably would have chosen Ikea Tradfri or KaKu Zigbee over Hue (primarily because of the Philips Hue pricing) and my wife would have used Homekit aswell