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After a few months homey use --> some remarks

What do i miss in homey and homey support?

I miss some apps, that should be a core to homey.
Like there is a homey HUE Lights app, made by Athom, since homey was sold as “one to rule them all” i assumed that i didn’t had need for extra stuff , like the Philips Hue Bridge.
Now there is a Hue zigbee app made by a user but it misses some functionality the “Official” app has, i think its the responsibility from ATHOM to come up with the working apps for this, instead relying on users to make this.
This was OK when it was sold as a niche product, but when the step was made to go to , For example media markt, the support should be focussed to the more casual user.

Second, if you make the app for example again the HUE ,( Dimmer switch) in this case, put some working flows for the buttons also on the forum, or in the app notes, that saves the casual user a lot of work.

Again you rely on users to come up with flows, and they do but again it should be the responsabilaty of ATHOM to provide flow examples with the app.

The product is sold as buy, plug-in and go, so the support should match that.

Maybe the tweakers and backers of the Homey might not agree, but the product has stepped up to mainstream use.
If i buy a Philips Hue bridge, i get all the documentation and examples to get it to work and how to program buttons, thats how ATHOM should do it with there apps.

And No im not unhappy, i really like my homey , but the experience can be made even better.


The problem with Philips Hue is that a lot of people already own a Philips Hue set (in combination with a bridge). Connecting the Philips Hue lights directly to Homey if they already have been connected to a Philips Hue bridge is a bit awkward to do (not very user friendly). Thats why we decided to first offer support for users who already own a Philips Hue set (with a bridge). However, I do understand that it is a bit strange for new users.

The problem with adding some working flows is that not everyone has the same devices connected to Homey, so this makes it a bit hard to give “example” flows when setting up Homey (we are looking into other possibilities for this though)
One of the solutions for this problem is “share a flow”. More about this can be read in this blog: https://blog.athom.com/behind-magic-july-2018/

Nonetheless, thank you for your feedback! I will forward it to the rest of the team so they can take a closer look at it:)

Hi Bram, bedankt voor de snelle reply.

Dat snap ik van die Bridge, maar dat is ondertussen toch al een paar jaar geleden dat het werkt zonder , Ik denk echt als je het product stevig in de markt wil zetten dat dit een APP moet zijn van jullie zelf, de kennis hebben jullie zeker in huis. Voor alle Core zaken, Fibaro, AEotec etc moet je de regie zelf in handen hebben.

Flows snap ik ook, maar bv voor de dimmer is een standaard flow, aan, uit, dim up en dim down, nieuwe gebruikers zullen er blij mee zijn, en ik vermoed zelfs dat in de APP van HUE die jullie gemaakt hebben dit veel makkelijker kan .

Ik vind de Homey een prima apparaat met nog veel potentieel , ben benieuwd naar Homey 2.0.

M.v.g. Herman Andersen

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I agree with @Herman_Andersen on this. I do not use the Bridge or the Hue app. Direct communication with Homey is faster and can be two ways. Now i use 2 apps (Hue athom/ community direct to Homey) to make the hue dimmer work without the 5 second polling delay.

Sorry, thought i responded directly to a e-mail