New Bridge and lack of Hue accessories support

Is there any official response from Homey if and when the homey bridge will support Hue accessories ?

Really hard to see how this bridge will work without full support for Hue. It is one of the first company in the “smart home” business and lot of users did buy in to this ecosystem at the beginning. I think they will have lot of angry customer if they move out of beta if full hue support is missing and frankly a can’t see any Hue users paying a monthly fee for this.

Not that I’m aware of. I already gave a possible reason for the accessories not being supported in this thread. TL;DR: the way Athom programmed the Hue app means it has to periodically poll the Hue bridge for the state of the sensors, which requires a lot of bandwidth, and when this is running in the cloud Athom has to pay for that bandwidth.

My intention was to move to this from SmartThings. Thats is a cloud service to and Hue accessories work there.
If you need to check state of accessories periodically then you need to do that with lamps to. If a understands the API(v2) for Hue they use a push system and when a status of a unit change they send the new information to the app so no need for polling. Can be that Homey don’t use API V2 but if they use v1 and do polling of lamp status it should handle accessories to.

Yes, the Hue API supports push, that’s something that Home Assistant also supports. I have no idea why Athom doesn’t support it.

Same problem! I have Hue outdoor zigbee sensors and they are not supported. I did send Athom a mail why and I have to wait for the answer…

Did you receive any answer ?

Yes, i added already some Zigbee devices like Silvercrest plug and MiLight Led controller. They work but Homey gives an installation error. Just change the name.
However all of the sensors are not working yet. Motion sensors, door sensors ect.
Homey gets later a option for a generic device where you can add devices without instaling the producer app like Philips or MilLight.