Is it worth getting homey pro for a home with Philips hue

As the title says, my home has a lot of Philips hue stuff, and I generally use HomeKit. My reason for wanting a homey is to use aqara devices without their hub (as I’m not sure if I trust it ) and because automating playback of music on Sonos is really bad with HomeKit ( basicly stuck with air playing Apple Music )

But I’ve read a lot on the forums and Reddit etc the last days that the zigbee antenna on homey is bad, and that stuff generally is very unstable when it comes to having Philips hue directly connected, and also I’m guessing it won’t support new devices as they launch. I also read that even if you use the Philips hue bridge, there is going to be the introduction of huge delays, especially when using hue motion sensors.

Can anyone guide me trough this jungle? :sweat_smile:

I don’t have Sonos so I can’t tell if that is any better. But if you’re going to use Aquara motion sensors linked to Homey you’re not going to see the delays. Those come from Homey having to periodically check states of the Hue bridge. With a lot of Hue devices I would advise to keep them linked to the Hue bridge, and have that do its share. If Homey is going to be worth its money will depend on how much automation you’ll be doing, but I’d say I’d give it a try. At least out here in the Netherlands there’s enough demand 2nd hand if you’re disappointed. And I surely am not disappointed with Homey.

I do have Motion sensors from Hue but i have not unboxed them yet. So should i preferably get a different brand of motion sensors if I want to automate flows with them as one of the steps? Or can I put the hue motion sensors directly on homey, and only the bulbs on the hue bridge?

They are good motion sensors. You could either consider linking those directly toHomey too., or look into if the hue bridge is sufficient for theyr automation needs?