Hue and Homey integration multi hue bridge problem

I have discovered what i think is a limitation with the Hue implementation. I’m a fan of Hue as the devices report their state to the app (hue). So I’ve got every light in the house as hue along with smart buttons. To the point where the hue bridge wont accept any new devices as its out of resource.

So I have installed a second hue bridge. Here is where the problem start.

Within Hue to connect remotely each bridge has to have its own login. If you don’t do this then you have to select the bridge that is active.

Homey can only connect to one account. This means I can only connect to a single bridge.

Does anyone know of a work around or fix for this?

Im now in a position where I might have to remove a number of lights and smart buttons and use a different technology where i had hoped that using Homey would simplify the amount of different technologies used.

I guess the was to fix this would be to have an option for ‘account A’ and ‘account B’ etc.

Hi Colin, i have the same problem. Did you find a way to use a second Hue Bridge with Homey?

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Did you find a workable solution for this?