Two Hue Bridges on Homey Bridge

Is it possible ?

Nope. Not possible only on Pro you can connect multiple Hue bridges.

Although the App description in the store says something else that only applies to Homey Pro.

Is confirmed by Athom support.


Do you know how this is possible on Homey Pro?
I have 3 Hue Bridges in one house, and would of course like to control them all through Homey.

Just to understand this correctly, and before I upgrade to the new pro. The new homey does support multiple Hue Beidges?

It is not Homey that supports it, the Homey App
That one is already in use now.

How do I connect a second Hue bridge (with other account then my first bridge) in the Homey Hue app? When I want to add a new device lights, switches etc popup but not my second bridge.

Errr… Please read the 2nd reply in this thread