Multiple Hue bridges to Homey

Just wondering how the community connects their lights to Homey now that you can use matter. Do you make two different accounts for your two bridges in Hue, and then integrate these two bridges to Homey, or just add everything directly to Homey though matter?
Would be so lovely to add the two Hue bridges to one Hue account.

Be aware Matter still is very beta

As long as Signify insists on compulsory registration for the activation of the Matter protocol and the new Homey Phillips Hue app (v6.0) supports the “new” HueAPI v2, I see no reason/advantage to switch to Matter. Because for me, “My home is my castel” still applies and it’s none of Signify’s business what happens in my home.

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Thanks for your reply. I will not mess with matter then. Not yet anyways.
The smartest thing would be to make 2 hue account’s, add the two bridges and intigrate them both to the Homey Pro?
It is so weird Signify haven’t made this easier for Hue home owners. If you have 120 lights you will need to make multiple accounts and toggle between them…


If you search you will find, simply enter “Multiple Hue bridges”, then you will find enough information on this topic in the community.

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Yes I understand I can import the bridges to Homey and make groups and zone from there. But how exactly do I connect two bridges to the Hue app if not two different accounts, could not find an answer I could understand, only that it’s possible.