Multiple Hue Bridges / Creating Groups

We’re new to the game, even more so, on the verge of ordering homey pro 2023. One important information we could not found is wether when we connect two Hue Bridges (or even more in the future) will be able to group lights from different bridges on homey?

We need to create a group consisting of all lights in the home, so far with just the bridges and using google home there was no way to do this for us.

And I guess, when we connect more than one bridge, it would be a good idea to set different zigbee channels then, right?

Yes, this is possible. The devices from Hue are imported into Homey and are then displayed as individual devices. These individual devices can be grouped as desired.
The Hue bridges automatically select a suitable Zigbee channel. Please make sure that Homey or the Hue Bridge is not too close to your router. 2.4 Ghz Wifi and Zigbee use the same frequency band. A close router can otherwise interfere with the Zigbee.

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Perfect, thank you very much :slight_smile: which brings me to a further question, i read there might be issues with IKEA bulbs and Gira FoH switches currently connected to the hue bridge - the FoH should be recognised as Hue Tap Dials usually, right? What about the IKEA bulbs / other 3rd Party Bulbs?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hue is the original and works best by far.
However, I also had few problems with Osram, Tradfri and Innr.
I don’t use Gira and can’t make any statements here.

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