One bridge or two? How do you manage your Hue/Zigbee light setup?

I’m curious in learning what is the best or better approach with Homey, Hue and Zigbee? I like having scenes so that my Hue sensors can switch on all lights, but I’m not sure if I am looking at this from the right angle and am just focusing too much on Hue?

Thanks for any thoughts or tips as I try and sort out this mess.

Every room in the house has Hue or Zigbee. All hardwired switches were replaced with either Niko (Friends of Hue) or Zigbee smart transmitters like this one:

Prior to owning Homey I had all devices running through Hue. Now I have added so many Hue/Zigbee devices that my bridge is out of memory. I purchased another Hue Bridge and now have 2 rooms on this new bridge, but feel like maybe this isn’t the way to go… Every time I try to add something like a sensor, I’m hit with an “out of memory” error and have to move a room or some of the lights, sensors, buttons to the other bridge. Which is all very time consuming.

Hue is very stable. I had all lights in Hue before owning the Homey. I just integrated the Hue Bridge into Homey and only added the lights/sensors to Homey I need for automations (about 10%?).
So I have the best of booth Hubs - Hue for light and Homey for automations.

If you habe so much Hue devices, I would just include the Bridge into Homey even if you have to adjust the devices between the two bridges.
And then check step by step which device you need in Homey.

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I have three bridges and paired them with homey. Works great, but the responding time is about 2-3 sec later as directly with Philips Hue.

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For bulbs?

Good answer, i think for the motion sensor.

I also think just for the polled devices yes. No problems with lights here.


I know this is an old thread, but just want to add:

If you want to improve Hue sensor response time then I can recommend Homey’s Home Automation app to see the Hue motion sensors in HA.

I do nothing with the HA setup other than running it on a R-Pi and using the Hue motion sensors from HA in my Homey flows. I can confirm it’s faster. BTW I am using Hue bridges to reach the sensors and as per other posts I would not pair sensors directly without the bridge app.