Can a sensor on one Hue bridge control a lamp on another Hue bridge?

I have a larger Home (240 m2) and outdoor lighting - and finally I have the whole House running on Hue/Zigbee.
I have 2 Hue bridges and that causes a little Challenge since I just finished migrating the outdoor lighting to zigbee. The Challenge is that I want Hue sensors on one bridge to controll lamps on the other bridge. Can Homey do that?
Hope to find the answer here - thanks👍

When both connected to Homey this is possible yes. U can add several bridges (with their connected devices) to Homey.

Uhhh - that would be so fantastic to solve this problem.
But I find it strange if Homey can do it since a software service like iConnectHue that specifically should combine more Hue bridges into one user interface can’t?

I will buy the Homey and try it out👍

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