Hue bridge uses its own zwave network

I have a big Hue system with lots of lamps, switches etc.
This system works everywhere in the house and garden.
Then I added Homey. This worked and integrated also perfect.

Then I added other z-wave equipment like Danalock and Qubino switches.
Here I noticed these equipment only works when max 1 meter from Homey. This is problematic.
Even if the non Hue equipment sits just beside a Hue lamp I can not control them.

I understand now I have 2 separate z-wave networks.
First is Hue (controlled by Hue bridge) and second z-wave network is Homey.

To solve my connectivity problem I guess I have to ditch my Hue bridge and directly connect every Hue component directly to Homey. This seems a lot of work and I will lose all the help from Hue.

Is there a better way?

Thanks for the help.

Add a few zigbee routers to Homey, e.g. from Ikea, or move some strategically placed ones from Hue to Homey and leave the rest. I use a couple of smart sockets to uphold my zwave mesh while all my lights are z-wave.

Now how would adding zigbee devices help his Zwave network running on his Hue bridge?

Oops, read too quick. But all the same, add routers. Hue = Zigbee, so moving zigbee divices to Homey will not help a z-wave network in any way. So the only way is to build two stable meshes.

Hue is Zigbee. So for Zwave you have to make a zwave network. Zwave next to your Hue Zigbee equipment wil not communicate with each other

Thanks for the help. You can not see it but I am blushing. I bought the wrong equipment (z-wave).
Will try to solve with z-wave routers. Then at least I have both networks running in parallel.


No need. But remember: if you’ll ever be adding Zigbee devices to Homey too, you’ll create a third mesh.

So what you have now: building both a Zigbee mesh using the Hue brigde and a z-wave mesh using Homey is not at all a bad idea. It will keep all your options open to add whatever you need - the best of both worlds. That’s what Homey is for, isn’t it?