Homey Bridge - multiple Philips Hue accounts/bridge

Is it possible to add a second hue account/bridge to the new Homey bridge and if so how??
The notes say that multiple bridges is possible on the Homey bridge but the link is now via the cloud and I can’t see how you connect a second account

Any advice would be welcomed

Multiple Hue bridges is only possible in the Homey Pro (LAN connected).
For wat we have seen Homey Cloud connects to the Hue Cloud and that supports maximum of one Hue bridge.

The Hue app on Homey supports a maximum of one Hue account at a time.

When I look at the app details via Homey app it says the following

“ Connect your Philips Hue lights & accessories with Homey. This app requires the Philips Hue Bridge. It is possible to use more than one bridge.”

Are you saying this is incorrect?

Also only lights and plugs are showing up. What about accessories??


Unfortunately that’s Pro related info.
The beta was released before all the info was updated.
But I notice they’re busy with that also.

Also this is a good comparison topic.

Those aren’t supported for Homey Cloud/Bridge. The way Athom has set up the Hue app (using polling) means that especially sensor/accessory support uses quite a lot of bandwidth that Athom isn’t willing to pay for.

I presume the limitations of the bridge will permanently prevent it from ever supporting multiple Hue accounts (unless Hue fix this stupid problem) and it will be down to Athom as to whether accessories will be supported??

You can certainly connect several Hue bridges to Homey. I have 3 bridges and now more than 100 Hue devices working very well via Homey Hue with bridge app, I have also connected a few switches via Hue without Hue Bridge and it all works very well

So what I can make up to this is that my homey bridge beta can’t have two hue bridges, is that right? Because I always thought even the beta version have two hue bridges at the same time.

The New Homey is already ~10 months out of beta now.

But that’s a know limitation from the beginning, afaik there is a limitation in the Hue Account that you can connect a maximum of 1 Hue Hubs. And the Cloud connection is based on connecting that Hue Account.

Connect your Philips Hue lights & accessories with Homey. This app requires the Philips Hue Bridge. Connect one or multiple Hue bridges to your Homey Pro, or connect your Hue account to Homey to control your devices.

I have two Hue bridges and connected them to Home Assistant. I integrated my Hue setup from Home Assistant into Homey with the Home Asssistant app. Being able to operate both remotely I have a cloud subscription from Nabu Casa (cloud from Home Assistant) for EUR. 75,- annually.

Pro: everything remote controlled
Con: not free of charge :sweat_smile:

It’s not the only way though, there’s several ways to setup external connection for less or no fees, but then you’ll have to know your network stuff so to speak.
But, by using Nabu you sponsor HA as well :wink: