Homey bridge not updated with state of hue lamp

Hi guys

I’ve got the new homey bridge and connected my hue lamps.

My problem is, that the state of the lamps is not being updated in homey.
When I go to my hue app and turn off a light, it still appears as on in homey. The same goes for turning on the light.

The other way around works fine, turning off light in homey the state is correct in hue app.

Is this a common issue or do you know how to solve it?

Thanks in advance.

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I have the exact same issue, it seems like there is no back and forth communication from the bridge to the Hue bridge.

I’ve noticed that if a signal fails it is not being resend to the device (had one group of lights not switching off in a flow)

In my understanding the Bridge should fetch the status of the lights from the bridge and if a command fails it should resend it.

You don’t need a Homey Bridge at all for Hue (with bridge) support, communication between Homey and Hue is done entirely through the cloud.

Yes and No,

Depends where the commands are being sent from, in my case I use some Tradfri stuff (dimmer switch).
That sends out a signal to the bridge which in term sends it to the cloud (as a flow).

But I do agree that in the described situation the cloud should fetch the status and not the local device.

Strange thing is that a few days ago the Hue plugin crashed several times and rebooting the Bridge resolved the issue for some time.

So there is a connected proces between the local bridge and the cloud ( seems like it).

Yes, you need Homey Bridge to communicate with Tradfri devices, but that’s not what you were saying.