Change color of temperature at certain times, easy flow


I have about 50 Philips Hue lights in my house which have the option to control cold / warm white color.

So, I want to create a flow where:

  • at certain times the color temperature changes (9.00 → cool white, after 17 → warm white) for lights which are on
  • new lights which are put on at certain times follow the first line

The problem is as I said, I have about 50 lights and is way too much work to make the flow for each one. I tried the app {group} to group the lights, but I can’t set color temperature for a group.
Tried the app color tools, but I really dont have to a clue where to start.

So my questions are:

  • is my simple flow a good working one or can it be improved?
  • is there an other way to make a simular flow for multiple lamps?


I have created a number-variable ‘kleurtemperatuur’ that changes at 8:59 and 16:59.

And then made this flow for only 4 lights. For 50 lights it will be a lot of work but doable?


Did you check the Zone Memory app already?
It can save the state of certain capabilities, and restore it later on.

I think also Light Triggers is a nice app for this

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Thank you, I’m hoping to create this without the use of external apps.

Zone memory looks quite difficult, LIght Triggers is something I’ll probably will check out!

Ah yes, but with like 50 lights… I’ d use an app for that.
Of course you can try it with an adv. flow. like Wim showed already.
Start with two or three lights, to test if it works as expected, then you can copy it to 50 lines and replace all other light cards to the light you wanted.
But, when you replace a light, or other changes…
I think zone memory is quite straight forward, just enable all light capabilities in the ‘save zone card’ if you’re unsure.
This is all you need to store and restore the light color of all zones:

But, maybe Light Triggers is a nicer tool to use for this scenario. Just play a bit with it I’d say!

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I understand your point. I just try to stick with the core, cause updates of external apps are usually les stable. That’s my experience when I once worked in webdesign using CMS.

Starting small is indeed the best solution. Copy and pasting will do the rest :slight_smile:

Thank you, this looks pretty good. I’ll look into variables.

Few questions tho:

  • Why use ALL? Whats the purpose of that instead of directly drawing line to the lights?
  • Does the variable work two ways? When a light is put on, how does it know which variable it has to pick?

Sorry for the deleted posts, not quite used to the forum

Purely for cosmetic reasons.

The flow uses always the same variable ‘kleurtemperatuur’, Only the value changes at 8:59 and 16:59.

(Did you notice that ‘plafond 1’ is not turned on at 22:00?)
(I am allergic to crossing lines)

Check, that makes sense. Far more clear with ANY

I misunderstood the variables. Now I understand that it sets a value prior when it actually changes. Its really easy to make even 10 color changes this way .

Probably have to set my browser percentage to 20% to make it fit :smiley:
Altho I have over 50 hue lights, i realized quite a few are color (which needs other flow), and quite some outdoor only have 1 white color. So, its only about 25 /30 i guess.

BTW, bit off-topic, I deleted some wrong-named variants while trying to make the above flow.

But I keep seeing the deleted variants when I want to select one. You would expect not see deleted variant cause you surely dont want to use them.

Just to be sure:

Many hue-lights have a tag ‘kleurtemperatuur’.

Choose the one listed under ‘logica’

Scherm­afbeelding 2024-03-17 om 16.45.38

Yes, correct.

But I see 5 items at logica, while there is 1 active variable. I deleted the rest.

While typing I was already making some other new variables. But this image should be clear.

Its not the end of the world tho, but I like a clean database

Logging out/in solved the problem.

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Hello there,

I finished it, seems to work great. I hope you can cope with many the lines :innocent:
Homey wont have any problems with these amounts of lines will it?

Thanks for the help.

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There is an application which does this for you (in much smaller increments) so you dont need to create such extensive flows.

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No, it’s just programmed code ‘under water’.
But what I encounter with ‘big’ advanced flows is, my browser becomes sluggish and unresponsive at some point. Then I’ll split it into 2 adv. flows.


Didn’t had any problems with browser yet, I use Firefox.
I had more problems with only 30% view, which couldnt get any lower.

I was thinking of splitting it, but I wanted to finish it first and see how it works.