Philips hue zigbee Flow Parameters RGB W


I have one hue lamp with RGB W. I want to use the W LED, but I dont know which parameter is the correct one. Is there any documentation about the flow parameters of hue lamps?
Temperatur didnt work well. If I set Temperatur to 50% and change then to 0% the color switches to green and then to white. If I change back to 50% it also switches over green to white.

Is the Hue lamp connected via the Philips Hue Bridge?
If so, set the desired color via the original Philips Hue app and read the current values in in section „Devices“.

To set a desired color you have to consider all necessary parameters in the flow (example!):


I am not a hue user but in general, if you want white, you set Saturation to zero. And control the warmth of the white with the temperature setting.

Thank you fantross. The dev consol was helpful. I set the desired shades of white and took over the data from device section to my flow. A little bit laborious, but it workes.

Now it looks like so: