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Philips Hue color lamp dimming

I tried to dim my philips hue lights. In this case I use the remotec ZRC-90. I can program that when i push buttons 1 once the lamp goes on as a reading lamp, when i push button 1 twice the lamp goes on green and when i release the button after 5 seconds the lamp goes on purple. When i push button 2 once the relative brightness goes of by 20% and when i push button 2 twice the relative brightness goes down by 20%. But when I have turned the lamp green or purple pushing button 2 will set the lamp color of the lamp as a reading lamp again. In what way can i dim the lamp when it is green or purple?

Is it possible u make some screenies of the flows?

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I use Philips Hue lamps without the Bridge, so I’m not entirely sure if my assumption is correct here.

I assume that you use Scenes as defined in Hue Bridge (via the Hue app or whatever :slight_smile: ) and activate those via Homey (in the first two screen shots). It seems to me, however, that you are using the relative brightness function of the Hue-Zigbee app (is this correct?). If that is the case I THINK the Hue lamps lose their config, which they received from the bridge and go back to their default (white is your case).

I’m not familiar with the Hue Bridge functionality but maybe you should either, only use the bridge-app or the non-bridge app.

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Thx for your reply,
I do not use the zigbee app. What you see are the settings from the hue app and the settings from philips hue in homey. But maybe you are right that those are different sources and can not work together. I will investigate if that is the problem here.

And you were right. The hue app and the hue devices do not combine. Giving a color in the hue app will not work together with a command to a hue device. I made the flow completely with the hue device in homey. That way dimming en remembering the used colors works fine. Thx

Happy to think along :slight_smile:
Glad to hear it works for you!

You could even try to use the Hue Zigbee app so that the Hue Bridge is not used. I once read somewhere on the old forum that this works (visibly) faster, though I don’t know if you lose any functionality that you currently use (since Hue Bridge can be used by numerous other systems of course :slight_smile: )