Adding Hue Dimmer Switch


has anyone successfully added a Philips Hue Dimmer switch to Homey using the Philips Hue ZigBee app from HibbiSoft AB?

I tried it at least 10 times but always fail with an error message :frowning:

Any ideas? Thank you.


Ok, solved it myself… Take out the battery for a minute and try it again. Then it worked.


Hello. I have added the Hue Dimmer Switch to Homey. I have configured the buttons via a flow as I am not able to make my Dimmer Switch talk to my light bulb directly when the latter is connected to Homey. This is why I am going via flows.

However, I am not able to configure a flow to set the temperature upon pressing multiple times on the ON button (native behavior when the switch is talking directly to the lamp). Do you have a hint?

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Sure, only one thing would work, and you should use Homey with the flows.

You would need to build a flow which reacts on the button presses, however I do not see an event for multiple presses. But maybe you could use long press instead. Homey gives you a lot of possibilities. :grinning: