Philips hue and Switch dimmer via homey

Hi, I’ve bought the Phillips hue with the dimmer switch, and I’ve made flows so the on and off and dimming up and down works pretty much as it did before I connected them with homey, but the dimmer switch had one more option, it was if I pushed the on button more times after the lamp turned on it would change the color through a few different preset colors.
My hue dimmer switch and my hue lamp is now separately connected via homey!
My question is if this can be done with flows? And eventually how?

I‘ll try to get an answer regarding this topic as well! PLEASE HELP😀

I have asked this before. It is not implemented in the Atom Hue app. I have filed a request a month ago.

i had opened a german thread. There i got an answer! Here the link Philips Hue Dimmer + Szenarien

I know a scene can be started with the dimmer switch. But… Only 1 scene, triggered by an ON command.

The dimmer / switch itself (so, without Homey) can start 5 scenes by multiple pressing the ON button.

The hue api does not bring out the amount of times a button was pressed, it only offers what button was pressed last, and what type of press it was:

  • initial press;
  • hold;
  • short released;
  • long released;

and as it is you only can poll the state, a 50 millisecond or so poll rate isn’t very advised to catch it software wise, the current 2 seconds is already the limit, if not already too fast.

So this is not possible to implement into the bridge app unless philips adds this in their api.
They could add the 4 “press” types, not sure if they have or not, don’t use dimmer switches myself.

You can start any number of scenes, triggered by an On command. Just use a variable.
In a fixed order and, if you want, also randomly.


And I have to confess I even had made a similar flow in the past (with a Fibaro switch):