Script Philips Hue Dimmer Switch


I am new here and would like to know if there are downloadable flows/scripts available for example to control the Philips Dimmer Switch v3.

Flows are not downloadable, scripts can be copied via copy and paste. For finding a script you have to use the search function. There is no special category in the forum.

But the question is, what do you want to achieve. With a Philips Hue Dimmer Switch you can do 1.000 of different things.

I am looking for a faster way to program a Hue Switch. Probably there is someone who did this job already, so I can copy his 1.000 different things. When copied, I only have to edit to make it work in my own environment.

For example; I would like to program my Hue Dimmer Switch with the color presets combinations (Color Scenes) that comes together in the Philips App with the GU10 Philips Hue Color Ambiance.

Example Hue Color Scenes

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Anyone an overview or advice to program the Hue Dimmer Switch with colors?

Do you have a Homey or a Homey-Pro?
Do you have a Hue-Bridge? Or do you use Hue-Without-Bridge?
What did you try, that was to slow for you?

I use Homey-Pro and use Hue-Without a bridge.

I would like to program the lighting scenes from Philips into my Hue-dimmer. To do so, I have to program for a at least 4 Hue Bulbs in color combinations. So by pressing ‘Hue, Short Press’ there would be a change of color combinations.

maybe you can use this?

or search the forum for:

Hue setting

This looks promising and I will definitely going try it this weekend!