Light bulb colors via flows, I don't understand

Okay so this is probably a non issue for almost everyone but I think I’m missing something obvious.

I want a flow with the following attributes for example:

When motion detector is turned on
Time is between 18:00 and 20:00
Turn lights on
Set color to …

Here is my issue, when I select “Set color” I get a color wheel but its not the same one that I get
when I just want to change color under my devices. I only get the multi color wheel and not the white one with different white lights, if that makes any sense.

How do I find a light with the right white color and warmth that I like and then apply it in to a flow without this?

I think it also depends on what brand of bulb ur using. With Hue bulbs i can set whatever i want for white/color/saturation/temperature/hue.

On the desktop flow app u can set even more:

Thats not quite what I mean but I think I can work with it. Ive done everything on the phone app so far I didnt know the desktop version existed. How do I get the specific color I want, is it just trial and error or is there a list somewhere for like “these values to resemble sunlight” for example?

Well, with 16 million colors it’s gonna be hard to make a list me guess. On the mobile app, best try it.
Desktop app available at

Yeah thanks I’ve found a bunch of colors with hex values, its all possible and much easier to change in the desktop app, which I didn’t know existed until you told me! Thanks a bunch!

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