Flow on sensors

Can someone help me create a “Flow” :
If my water sensor / or one of my 3 pcs of fire sensors goes on alarm, then I want to turn on my Siren alarm.

Similarly, if my door sensor goes into alarm, I want after a time delay of 30 seconds Siren alarm.

Hi @toch,

There’re multiple ways to do this. My first suggestion would be to first create a group of your sensors with the group app. Which can be found here: < group > App voor Homey | Homey<-group->/
Create a group of your sensors
Then create a trigger that if the group sensor go in alarm you active your sirene

Another thing which would be good to explore is the heimdall app. Which is a very comprehensive security app with a lot of build in security and alarming features without you having to build to much flows

At the link below you can find more information on the configuration and features of that app


  • Smoke / flood sensors:
    (select top level zone, ‘Home’ in my case, and then)
    An alarm turned on
    (Now pick a sensor type, f.i. smoke sensor or flood sensor.)
    Turn on Siren

  • Door:

    • Flow1
      Sensor Door X Alarm turned on
      Start or replace timer A 30s
    • Flow2
      Sensor Door X Alarm turned off
      Stop Timer A
    • Flow3
      Timer A has finished
      Door X alarm is on
      Turn on Siren

(I’m content with Chronograph as a timer app)