Multi sensors why it's not working?

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When I’m using test than is ok

Thank for your reply but I still don’t know how to do it. For me it should work but it’s not. I’m going to add more sensors on first floor. should I use separate flow for every sensors?

The home will only become inactive when ALL sensors are off.
So stating “when home is inactive AND sensor is on” is never gonna happen.
U need to re-think this flow.

What is it exactly that you want to achieve (and why did you include contact alarm is on OR motion alarm is on?
If you can describe what you want to achieve using which criteria, we may be able to give you some more advise.

If I look at your screenshot then this is what your flow currently does:

If my home zone is INACTIVE for 1 minute (this is equal to: there is NO alarm triggered)
One of the alarms is ON (this is equal to: home zone is NOT INACTIVE)
Send me an SMS (this will never happen because the zone CAN’T be inactive AND have an alarm)
Turn on the siren (this will ALWAYS happen for the same reason as above)

I guess (cause you are still not elaborating what you want to achieve) you want something like this:

If my home zone is inactive for more than 1 minute then send me an SMS (and set alarm mode to TRUE) (flow 1)
If the zone gets active AND alarm mode is TRUE then turn on siren (flow 2)

Of course then you have to create more flows to disable the siren, set alarm mode to FALSE etc etc. But I am still just guessing…

Maybe you should take a look at the Heimdall app. That is created to turn Homey into a security system.
Then you don’t have to invent all of it by yourself…

Hi all,

Thank you for your replies. I think the best way to resolve my problem will be Heimdall app