Heimdall siren on and off

Hello there.

I need some help. I made some flows to activate or deactivate my heimdall alarm system.
This flow to activate my alarm system: https://homey.app/f/_tdVTo
And this flow to deactivate manually when someone wants to enter my home with my permission: https://homey.app/f/qFUWTo and a flow to set siren of after 31 sec 32 sec and 33 sec.

But the siren will turn on after the first flow is active and the only way to deactivate is to push the button in the app of homey.
What is it that im doing wrong?
Can someone help me with creating the right flow? or flows?

This flow: https://homey.app/nl-nl/flow/Z7LWTo/

Hi Chris,

A few things about first flow:
Use the heimdall “alarm has been activated card” to start flow
Remove all “and” cards
Use some small delays in the “then” cards.
Remove heimdall “activate alarm card”

3th flow:
Use “if this flow has been started” card in if section.
“Turn off siren”
Remove all other cards

Random remarks:
Somewhere you used “check sensor status” this probably does not have your intended use and should/could be removed.
Use the tag you get in “the alarm was activated” if card of the first flow to use in your message to your phone to make it always give you the right info, so you don’t have to create a unique card for every sensor.
There is a lot going on in these 3 flows, maybe it’s easier to split a few of them in separate flow triggered with “if this flow has been started”

Hi there,

Thank you for your replay. I understand the first flow. I deleted al the flows i have created for separate door sensors. Ive now made one flow like you mentioned. I only dont understand what you mean with the 3th flow. Do i have to delete the 2th flow?
Thank you very much!!

Flow Numbers are in the same order as your links to them :wink:
1st flow is the flow what happens when the alarm is triggered
2nd flow (the one with all actions when the button is pressed) should work as is
3th flow is the one which shuts off the sirene

But the problem is the siren will go on for 1 or 2 sec and then turn of by the 3th flow. ive set the flow to turn the siren off 1-2 sec delay 2-4 sec delay till 40-42 sec delay.

https://homey.app/f/Ivhs3p this is the 2th flow and this is the 3th flow https://homey.app/f/uCns3p I know a lot of siren off cards. but this is when i want to turn off the alarm within the 30sec window. is the an easier way?
Thank you for the answers and patience