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Once, at the beginning of the path with the smart home system, I had an app in which the smoke alarm was shown on the phone screen as a notification and with the siren sound, only confirmation of the message turned off the notification and the alarm sound on the phone. Something like notifications like in Fibaro as in the attachment.
I would like to use such notifications when smoke or gas is detected. Is there any way to get this effect in homey pro?

I ask Athom about this and this is what they say:

I have taken the liberty to add your request for extra notification sounds to our internal list for feature requests, because this is indeed not possible at time for the new Homey.

Please keep in mind that we cannot give any guarantees on if and when we will implement your suggestions, as there is already quite the development roadmap laid out. That being said, it is definitely noted and will be discussed.

I hope they wil implement extra sounds in de app.

If you have no push messages with confirmation yet, you could use this and set a special alarm sound for this category.
That are the possible notification categories in Android:

That’s a workaround until Athom will add an alarm category.

Is it in the android settings or the homey app itself?

So we are patiently waiting :slight_smile:

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That are the notifications settings for the Homey app (in Android app settings)

I’m the same as you, so there’s nothing more I can do

Afaik with the App Push Notifications it’s possible to send different sounds as notification.

Does it work for iphone too? If yes, could you tell me, how to do it please? Thank you

Yes you can install it and it works very well. Follow the instructions on the homey app page, or Pushover Notifications

Thanks a lot, it works!