[Feature Request] Critical notifications

Could you implement critical notifications in the ios app?
Critical notifications can play a sound even when the iPhone is muted.
Could be usefull for alarm, doorbell,… apps.

I use now pushover, which works fine, but a native Homey integration would be nice.

Home Assistant and Ring have this in their app.

You have to ask Athom: https://support.athom.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016121734-How-to-request-a-new-feature

The community (which this forum is for) cannot implement support for this.

I think this is possible with Pushover (requires an additional app on your iphone)

Yeah I use Pushover.

But a native integration would be nicer.

I made a feature request

i disagree. homey is a platform and not a solution. i dont think it will ever be native :slight_smile:

Also requested this again at Athom.

Same here…