iOS Critical Alerts

Hi all,

Ever since iOS12, Apple allows apps to send Critical Alerts.
These are alerts that, when allowed on the phone, will be showed regardless of the state of the phone (like muted).

These alerts can be used for emergency notifications like a a triggered home security/fire alarm.

@Homey developers: Is there any chance you could request this with Apple?
Since HomeAssistant already has this functionality implemented, I figure it wouldn’t be too much of an issue for Homey either.



I see that you requested this feature a year ago. Sad to see that it has not been implemented yet.

While awaiting implementation in the Homey app, note that you can achieve much the same with I just tested it with my iPhone, and was able to send critical alerts from Homey.

Perfect for when you want to get those important notifications from e.g. smoke detectors, motion or water leakage sensors.

Edit: Corrected link.