Help with custom alarm flow

I am currently working on home security flows, such as break-in, fire and smoke detection which gets information from various sensors throughout my house…
My problem, however, is a good way to alert the homeowners iphones when such flows trigger.
The homey “alert user” then card, won’t send the user an “attention grabbing” alarm sound. A simple “ding” won’t be enough to alert the user when there is a break-in or fire in the house.

I have an Android so setting up an API to send a message to a 3rd party app on my phone and changing the alert sound, is very easy. Iphone does not let you change notification sounds for specific non-apple apps.

Do you have any workarounds for having iphones notify the user with, preferably a custom alert sound, or anything more appropriate to alert user of serious events in the house, when they are not home?

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