Alarm notification

Hi all, I am using homey as an alarm system. All works fine. However, I would like that the Homey alarm notification comes through when my iPhone is silent. This works with sms and calls, but can it also work with homey? Alternatively, can you let homey call or send an sms?

Thanks in advance for the help!

There is an SMS app.
But as apps only can send notifications, and nothing more, there is no way to implement such a thing (i think)

Though, as Homey is never meant to be a security device (Wifi only, and no battery backup makes it the worst security device there is), never see it as a Real security device, just as a “nice extra thing it can do”

Thanks! Is there also a way in iOS to let homey messages come through if the phone is silent?

You can also have IFTTT have call your phone via VOIP.

It does not cost you anything and you can make a default alarm flow when you need to be called on your phone.

This will ring my phone just once or twice. Then call is failured. Any solution?

Or as an alternative

This is not an alternative for a phone call @Dijker

you can try this app CallMeBot App voor Homey | Homey.
i let it call me thru telegram so it actualy calls you when you answer the call it will speak a pre recorded message {telegram- send voice message}

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I have put Homey, my router, the NVR and attached PEO cameras, and an alarm siren on a UPS and put everything in a save location that is not easily accessible when I am not at home. That means that in an emergency the system has 10 to 15 minutes to send out video feeds and alarm messages before the battery is empty. The motion and smoke detectors are Z-Wave and on batteries so that is not a problem. Not fail save but should be relatively robust.