Smartphone alarm when using Heimdall

I’m using homey / heimdall to protect my home as a burglar alarm. Is there a way to send an alarm sound to my iphone ( i cannot asign special sounds to the message that homey is sending). Or maybe getting a call from homey?

Anyone an idea?

You could consider using Telegram for important notifications from Homey.

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Pushover notifications! Lots of sounds to choose from!

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Not available on iPhone… :cry:

Hmm, thanks. :slightly_frowning_face:

Say what??

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What’s that???
Thought your screenshot is from the build-in push notification of Android smartphones.

I installed and set that up right now!
Great tip! :+1:t3:

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Looks great. But before registering I would at least like to understand how it works.
Does the App know that homey has send a push message and then you can change the sound?

U make a flow with Homey to send a Pushover Notification to ur phone with the sound of ur choise like shown in the pic above.

Nice. All though thats what I thought…
Now trying already for 10 mins to get an audible notification from pushover via a homey flow, but don’t seem to get it working.
I do text notifications in the pushover app from the same homey flow. But no sound.
Checked everything (i think) related to sound settings on my IPhone, checked the pushover support page as well but still no luck.
Any hints of something i may have overlooked

And u can choose a sound from the flowcard?

I have chosen the sound “Hoorn” in the next card, just for the idea.



Just wondering…
when I get a notification then it comes as a stroke (from the top of my screen) but also then the actual text ia nit readible. It just says (encrypted)
Don’t know why, i do not recall having set that somewhere.

My Pushover is (deze app is onverwacht gestopt) stopping in the background. Version homey 5.0.0 and Pushover 0.0.14.

I had the same problem, (encrypted) and no sound.
Do you have an Apple Watch? Deactivate, delete the Pushover app from the Watch.

"On rare occasions, the notification extension may fail to start for some reason and iOS will show the unencrypted text of the original notification, which is just the string “(Encrypted)”. Unfortunately we do not yet have a root cause for the notification extension failing to start. We have heard from users that this problem may coincide with recently updating the app from the App Store, so we recommend first restarting the device to see if the problem is resolved. "

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Yep. That was the trick (restarting my iPhone)

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Thanks for helping out.

Anytime m8