Silent Alarm

I want to use Homey alarms as a trigger, but I don’t want Homey to keep alarm-sound. How can I do that?

What kind of alarm are you referring to? Homey wil not produce sound unless you create flows for it to do so.

If you’re looking in to turning Homey into an alarm system, take a look at

Hi have Alarm like picture 2, and flow like picture 3, but Homey still produce sound when it’s 16:10.
What I do wrong?

Ah, that. Homey only should produce the sound as a default. Should be that as soon as you create a flow to react to the alarm, there no longer is a sound. But maybe the flow should be at the actual time, not before? It probably only works for the “Alarm goes off” trigger.

Just checked and that is the case: The “Goes off” card has a note below saying it replaces the default sound. The “Goes off in … mins” does not. If you do not want anything at the time itself, you can always put in a comment card form the FlowNotities app, or put in a condition that always fails.

Indeed, add a flow like
an alarm goes off (an alarm sounds)
set speaker level to 0%
And Then…
set speaker level to 90% after 30sec

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No need to change the volume, the speaker will shut up by itself because you used the right trigger.