Alarm system

Hello Homey’s
I’m looking for a new alarm system and want to connect it to homey, if not i use homey itself.
I know you can use Homey as a alarm system with Heimdall and sensors.
Is there anyone that uses homey for alarm system and do you recommend it?

Pros and Cons?

Hello Andre !

Yes I’m using Homey, Lifx bulb, Sonos and sensors as alarm :slight_smile:

First I’ve “Trigger” flows with motion sensor and “open/close” doors sensor:

When triggered, this flow launch the “Alarm scene” flow. This flow manage flows to activate and disable after x minutes. He also notify me via notification:

Finally I have alarmSound and alarmLight flows:

I’ve also my IP Cam who start recording on my synology when I leave my apartment.

Hope it helps !


Thanks Julien for the quick reply
i already new that is was posseple, but it was cool to here that someone actually use it.
i like the idea that i chose what is happening when the alarm is triggered.

do you only use geofencing for arm / disarm?

Check out the Heimdall app…

All “standard” alarm features build into one fabulous app transforming your Homey into an alarm system


Yes I only use Homey’s geofencing for arm/disarm :slight_smile:

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Thank you Ted.
my plan was to use Heimdall, but that fully automated geofencing arm /disarm is actually pretty cool.

i will buy some motion and door/window sensors

Thanks for the help guys.

That can also be easily done with Heimdall