Homey Compatible Wireless Alarm System

Hi guys,

I’ve been searching for a new home security system for my house, I have Verisure for the moment. But would like to switch to something more smart home integrated.

Was looking to go for Ajax, but I see that this has 0 compatibility (in an easy way) with Homey.

Anything you could suggest?


Why not go with the Heimdall app in the Homey?
Then you will have full control of you alarm system.
I have been running it for many years now and it works flawless.

I have random lights turned on/off when armed, cameras integrated, notifications.

And which sensors do you use for your doors? I mostly rely on contact sensors (I have 2 cats that always trigger motion sensors).

Would also like to do something with a perimeter around the house, that detects motion and has a device beep outside (not a loud alarm but more like a first warning). But don’t know if there is an outdoor sirene that can only beep or make another warning sound?

You can use any door/window sensor which is compatible with Homey.
In the Heimdall app you can choose which sensor should be used for partial activation or full activation:

However, Heimdall in combination with Homey is not a substitute for a professional, wired alarm system.