Alarm integration

I am building a new house and want to use sensors on doors and windows and motion detection that I can use as home alarm as well as domotica.
Currently I have some doors with 3 sensors. So I want to avoid this in my new house.

What is the best way to do this? Which type/brand of sensors and how do I build the home alarm system? With Homey or with a vendor that can integrate?

There are a lot of possible solutions, and dont know how much you know about the subject.

If you want to use wireless sensors, you just need to decide on the look you want, and the functionality (only open/closed, or temp++ as well).
I would personally not go for 433MHz sensors as they do not go well with the current Homey models. Homey does not receive 433MHz very well at some distance in my experience.
I would go for Z-wave/zigbee magnet sensors for doors/windows, as the communication between them is two-way, so you get more reliable information and battery reports (if supported in the sensor).
You get the sensors as recessed sensors (inside the framing and door/window), or small sensors to put on the door/window and the frame.
Check out which devices talks to Homey on this site.

I would also put a lot of motion sensors around the house, and I would make sure they can be connected to an outlet to reduce the number of battery powered devices, and to make them a part of the mesh-system. I find the Aeotec Multisensor 6 to be nice.

One good app for setting up the surveillance is the Heimdall app. It automatically finds all your sensor, so you can configure which to use in your surveillance scenarios (partially armed, armed, disarmed).

Make sure that you dont have a too long distance between battery powered devices and your hub (Homey?), without having some plugged in devices to relay the signals. They also need to be the same technology to make the relay work Z-wave or Zigbee.

Thank you Yhaugom! Usefull start for me. Plan is indeed to use Homey. Currently Homewizard/Woonveilig user migrating to Homey