Can homey work with etiger 433mhz alarm door sensors


I’m considering a homey, domoticz or home assistant.
The nice thing about homey is that it is already complete with transmit and receivers. Though that might be a downside as well in case you need to tinker.

I have a whole lot of 433mhz door sensors that now work on a Etiger / Chuango alarm system.

Now if I go to a domotica controller I’d like to get rid of the alarm unit or at least use the sensor for making my home smarter.

I can’t find a app for the systems and wondered how to figure out if it’s supported or not. This is why I am also considering a DIY system because then I will probably be able to use the sensors.


Well just check the homey app store. If there is no app for, most likely it wont work

I can’t find a app, but I hoped that meant I didn’t use the right search terms because these sensors are compatible with many brands I don’t know the names of.

wel just second search on google tells me its also soled as EMINENT, it even brings me to a homey forum pages.

So did you you really search on the forum or google :wink: :wink:

But stil guess you need a own app in homey to get them working

I did, though my set is chuango and after searching I noticed that etiger is compatible with chuango and eminent so I went back to the app store and searched for both. They aren’t there either so that’s why I asked for it.

The frequency is supported in homey I think.

Only if someone can scan the pattern then it’s fine. As far as I can see domoticz does support the X10 sensors.

Same problem with those klikaanklikuit clone from the Action. Can’t figure out if they are supported or not.

Again, look in the app store if the brand has his app and if it has , check that your device is listed