A-OK Motors

I have blinds with A-Ok motors. They operate at 433.92 MHz

Is homey compatible with 433.92 MHz?

Today I use a remote control or this AOK Blind Interface:


433,92 is a standard frequency for Homey so from that POV it should be possible. But the 433 signal will use rolling codes as an encryption (I hope for your sake). You can try to record the signal: https://developer.athom.com/tools/signals and see if you can get anything usefull out it with https://github.com/harriedegroot/Athom-Homey-RF-Signal-Analyzer

If you keep the “hub” you might be able to figure out what http-calls have to be send to the hub?

Or, maybe easiest: drop the hub and install a Zwave-device like:

Thanks for the info!

The hub that controll the motor with app is an AC407-02

And the app itself is named SMARTHOME

You got any clue for how I can “sniff” the http details?

You got any more clue on this ?


Do you have already a solution for this?