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I just bought Homey Bridge to connect my blinds to wifi. I can’t find in the app my manufacturer. I have Mio Decor motor on blinds and I have controller AC123-06D with frequency 433.92MHz. Homey Bridge is using that type of frequency but I cannot set it up. Has somebody got that type of problem? Thanks for replies.

You have to check the app store to see if there is an app available that works with your blinds. If not, you won’t be able to get it working with Homey (to be clear: Homey Bridge is not a generic 433Mhz solution, it’s unable to learn and play back codes).

Mio decor Support - Mio Decor - electric curtains and internal electrical blinds looks like Somphy RTS. So you might try the app Somfy RTS App voor Homey | Homey


At first set up I tried Somfy RTS, with no success unfortunetly. When I press pairing button on the controller, nothing happen.

You cannot pair your remote control. You have to “pair” your screen, and follow the instructions, which will tell to push the pinhole at the back of the remote control, your screen wil react to that.

What will happen is that your Homey is added as an 2nd remote control to your screen.

Yes, I clicked on Somfy Blinder like in your screen and when I’m asked, I press the pairing button on the controlled. That doesn’t worked out.

So the screen did not move up and down when you pushed the programming button with a pencil on the remote?

No. I tried different combinations also, controller is working perfectly fine, screen is moving.

The screen is not in learning mode.
Lookup in the manual how to set the motor of the screen in learning mode using your AC123.

Somfy RTS uses 433.42 MHz not 433.92 MHz thou it will never work.

Fiddling with KaKu (ClickOnClickOff), I just found out 433.92MHz is the frequency used by KaKu/Trust, Nexa and the like

The driver for the curtain module of this app possibly works?