Awning with 433mhz remote

I have an awning that has a remote that works on 433mhz. I’m trying to figure out how I can create a flow to open/close it with homey.

I’m not sure what the motor is but could check if I know what to look for. The awning has a sun and wind sensor.

The remote is a Go-sv, manual for remote is:

Any help appreciated!

433.42MHz is the same frequency as Somfy uses, try to connect as Somfy TRS.

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I tried connecting a few times, but didn’t manage to…

I found:

Does homey support rolling code for rf?

The exact code for the brand needs to be in the app. This is not standardized between brands as 433.92 MHz is just a frequentie.
So you could try if it is the same signal and rolling code as another brand but there is not much chance.

You could try to make an app for it but then you also need to understand the rolling code.

Edit, Reading the pdf

433.92 is BTW the most common used frequency and only somfy I was aware of being just below that frequency on .42
Homey can use that also.
I guess not much chance other brands use 433.42.

I put the remote in pairing mode (button on back for 2 seconds) and the awning wiggles. I hit “program” in the app and it seems there is no wiggle, but the app progresses. I choose only up/down function as there is no tilt, but nothing happens with regards to the awning when pressing any buttons in the device on Homey.

I noticed in the dev tools that this remote shows a 0 under “rolling code”. I assume that means that rolling code is off?

Thanks for information. It is really amazing information you shared. I am looking for the same content.

Hi there, did you manage to make this work?
I have the same problem.

No unfortunately I haven’t found a solution yet for this.