ASA Rollershutter Compability

Hi there, I am trying to get my ASA Rollershutters in Homey Configured, but With the Somfy App, they are not found (ASA is in the Somfy Group). Has anyone the same Problem as me or even found a Solution ? Any Help is much appreciated :slight_smile:

And what protocol it is?

They are running on 433.42 mhz Radio Frequency. So i thought it would be an easy Procedure. Openhab via RFXCom433e is running fine, but wanted to go to Homey for Standalone Smarthome

to add them with the somft rts app to homey, you need the remote to get them connected. Did you have the remote.

Yes i have the remote, but its not recognised in the Somfy app. I can set it to “Copy my other remote” in the app, but it doesnt do the “wiggle” from the Rollershutter as it has to to be paired. So it wiggles when i go in Program mode with my Remote but then nothing happens. I think it should wiggle a second time, so it says i´m “bound to a new remote”.