Homey App to control SIMU LiveIn roller shutters (radio controlled)

Is there a way to get an extension for Homes to control SIMU roller shutters radio controlled?


LiveIn uses the 433 frequency band…

People with Simu controls, try Somfy RTS app. For me this works like a charm.

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How did you do that? I have tried it with the remote control from SIMU but it did’nt work.

Simu is a subsidiary company of Somfy. If you have radio controlled SIMU motors, take the RTS Somfy application.

Yes I know.
Carsten already mentioned this in the topic-startpost.

I already find out.
There is a difference between the Homey App on iPad and on a laptop.
In the iPad-app I didn’t see the “Program-button” for the SIMU or Somfy remote control. After a few hours I came up on the idea to trie it on a laptop. And that was the tric!!! :smiley:
In just 1 minute I had one screen working in Homey.

perfect, another Homey bug (unfortunately) and this time on IOS !!

Seen this before in other apps: the button is probably there outside the view, if you scroll you will probably find it.

Hello, I allow myself to intervene, I have Simu BHz shutters (not equivalent Tomfy RTS) which are well managed. My remote control corresponds rather to Simu BHz which, from what I understand, is the equivalent of Somfy IO and therefore not supported by Homey.