Change Homey notification sound

Is there anyway to change the alert on your device for Homey notifications?

Some notifications are very important and I would like to have them sound different from other info only notifications.

Try Pushover on Homey and mobile. Works for me.

On android, I can set any sound to the events
Long press the app icon, go to ‘App info’ and then go to ‘Notifications’

It will change all notifications from Homey. With Pushover I can for example have another sound for high priority alerts.

@Peter_Kawa doesnt seem to work on iOS, either that or it doesn’t work with the beta App.
I would give Pushover a try but it hasn’t been updated for HP23.

Try the test version.

Ah, you’re right, I was thinking about the different notification categories, of which you can pick different sounds for, but I did not get the exact point of @Peter_Bittner 's question appearantly :face_with_monocle: :upside_down_face: