Homey App IOS Notification Sound

Is it possible to add the possibility in the Home App for IOS to select the notification sound??
Now i only can turn the sound on or off, but i only get the default IOS notification Sound.
Would be nice if you can add this to to IOS App so i can select witch sound i here when homey is sending notifications to my mobile phone.

You can create a feature request for this - at the moment the homey iOS app does not provide this.

This is not a homey limitation but an ios limitation. So you have to ask  to add this.

It’s not an iOS limitation, on Home Assistant you can choose which sound should be heard for a particular notification.

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You mean the sound on your telephone? Or on Homey. I thought that ios had an limitation for notification sounds.

You are both right. Apple does not support to change it. But the app developer can add it to its app.
And i also like to have the feature. So i can use a doorbell sound on the phone when somebody pushes the doorbell. But a security sound will be different etc…


Sorry I am replying so late but you can send a call directly to your phone from IFTTT flow


I use this for all my alarm flows as well as doorbell.