Doorbell - Homey - Homepod (?)

Hi all,

I have a not-so-smart doorbell connected to the homey pro. That connection works fine, also with Sonos. Now I would like the Homey to ‘ring the bell’ on a Homepod. Does anyone know a way to do that?


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This → :mag: can sometimes be very helpful… :wink:

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Thanks, i did :mag: quite a bit! Unfortenately, I do not understand the explanation in the link which you send. I have some more reading to do and I am hoping for an easier solution :crazy_face:

For just ringing a doorbell on a HomePod, this might be easier:

  • using either the built in HomeKit experiment or the HomeKitty app on Homey , publish your not smart doorbell device to HomeKit and add it in the apple home app
  • search Apple Music or the internet for a doorbell chime sound (there are loads on Apple Music) and add it to your music library
  • in apple home app, add a home automation triggered by your doorbell device in HomeKit which plays audio on your HomePod, then you can select audio and choose the doorbell chime you added to Apple Music earlier

Thx. Unfortunately, homekitty does not support the doorbel (klikaanklikuit), so this trick does not work.

Edit: you gave me an idea, i used a virtual device (doorbel - virtual device - homekitty - ios automation). I need to play a bit with it, as there was some delay.

A bit klunky but you could just add a virtual device in homekitty to use for the HomeKit part and then add flows on Homey to control that device when you operate the doorbell device