How to play sound like door bells, ... with homey pro 2023?

Is there a way to play differnt sound snippets triggered by flows ? e.g. play a door bell sound if a button is pressed or a audio confirmation after having armed a zone ? I saw some notes for Sonos only. Is there a general approach to play sound on different speaker ?

Thx Gerhard

Yes, you can play audio through several speaker systems but the HP23 does not have a built-in speaker for some sad reason. What speakers do you have?

I have Sonos and a Google Home Speaker.

@Gerhard_Schober Sonos and Google Home have both a app.

Soundboard app installed and uploaded a MP3-file. But Homey Pro says: cannot play sound.
How to link a Google home speaker for sound playing ?

I use Sonos to play the SoundBoard, or internal Sonos sounds (bells, dogs) or a voice.

Is the file under 900kb? Thats the limit of the app.

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