Sounds for soundboard

Hello all,

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I got a question about my notification sounds I use with soundboard and I decided to post a few here. Maybe i’ll edit my post in the future and add more sounds along the way.

What is this?
Oké soo, with the soundboard app ATHOM provides you are able to upload a sound file to Homey and play this with flow cards. I use them as a notification sound before Homey starts talking, as a sound when the doorbell gongs or whatever… In some cases I like them better then just a plain voice screaming around the house and most important; I don’t get spooked when a voice suddenly starts talking, Homey will give a heads up first.

I suggest you use a delay in the voice (when using the notification sound), I use 2 seconds. This way it flows very naturally.

The sound files
I uploaded the file to my webserver. Download them and upload through the soundboard app settings. Than use a flowcard to play the sound…

Notification 1

Doorbell chime

Alarm ring


Good idea!
I’ve implemented the notification mp3 as well. Thank you!