Unify G4 Doorbell flow with Sonos

If someone is ringing our Unify G4 doorbell I want it to push and play a sound on my Sonos. I am pretty new on Homey and especially on Flows. I have set up a flow but it does not work:

A doorbell rings

Play a sound on a specific Sonos

Help!? Any suggestions…


what you described should be possible, I have a similar setup, but (for me) the Sonos isn’t that great of an option. If you’re new to Homey, a good tip is to add push-notifications to everything you do. so ‘if a doorbell rings’ > send me a push. ‘play sonos’ > send me another push. This will give you a feel for if your flow is running at all, and where your issue is.

That being said, I’d estimate that it’s the Sonos. In my experience, when switching on a radio station or playlist, it takes a while before it starts because it has to buffer the stream. So instead of telling sonos to play a sound, try playing a soundboard sound, or getting sonos to ‘say’ something, these are all standard flow card you should have. If your Homey is in view, try adding a led-ring blink or something, just to make sure everything else works.

Also remember that everything you do through Homey will add a tiny delay, so you might not want to go this route, as people will have been at your front door for a few seconds already before Homey even kicks in, let alone before the Sonos starts playing.

The MP3 file must be stored at the URL.
For this I used Micro Web Server App for Homey | Homey