Netatmo smart video doorbel

Hello there I have a Netatmo smart video doorbell and the homey pro.
I make a flow when pushing the doorbell mine Sonos loudspeaker plays a sound.
This works perfectly in the Homey, but when I passed the doorbel manual there is no sound from mine Sonos speaker.

What can I do on that

Share the flow and also which app do you use (there is Athom implementation and Community developer Bitcino/Netatmo from Gal)

Thanks for your reply
Mine Netatmo app is Netatmo and mijne sonos app is sonos.

I hope this helps you

There were multiple users in the past days, which faced similar problem, for some of them it start working automatically.
Try following :

  • add Notification in the flow (just in case you don’t have problem with Sonos)
  • repair doorbell Homey connection (via Homey → Device → Repair)
  • restart Doorbell via Netatmo app - Manage my how → select Room → Doorbell → click on 3 dots → Reboot
  • try to use Bticino/Legrand/Netatmo App for Homey | Homey - you need to setup new flow

It works. thanks I delete the Netatmo app from Homey, I reinstalled it, and it works now.

Thank you very much